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Hosting Arts and Crafts Activities in London That Are Great for Kids

Parents understand that a combination of arts, crafts, and kids will quickly cause a mess. At Heaven’s, we offer a hassle- and mess-free option for parents who don’t want to put their home at risk. From our dessert parlour in London, we offer a variety of activities centred around arts and crafts for kids. Full details of the activities can be found below, while our helpful team will be happy to discuss the available activities over the phone.

Activity 1–Painting and Drawing

This is an exciting painting and drawing activity that costs just £3.50 per child. Children have the use of paints, felts, crayons, and chalks and are provided with a maximum of 4 sheets of paper. However, additional resources can be purchased for just 50p per bag.

Activity 2 – Create Your Own Art

Let your children’s creativity run free with this activity. A variety of materials are provided for children to use their imagination and create a unique piece of artwork. This includes paper, card, sticking gluing with feathers, tissue, glitters, jewels, playdough, and foam shapes. The activity costs £5 per child, and additional resources can be purchased for just 50p per item.

Activity 3 – Model Making

A lasting memory of childhood is created during this activity, and for the price of just £7 per child. Model making is at the heart of the session, with children choosing from a ceramic, wooden, or card model. They also choose 4 items from the resource list, although additional items can be purchased for just 50p each. This unforgettable activity lasts up to a maximum of 2 hours.


Alongside the 3 activities detailed above, we also host a toy stuffing activity that allows children to build themselves one of a wide selection of soft toys. The activity begins with the children stuffing their own soft toy (with assistance) before they insert a wish heart and fill out an adoption certificate. At the end of the activity, children are given a take-home teddy box. The bears are charged at £15, while the outfits cost an additional £10.

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