Students Receive 20% off All Crepes, Waffles, and Milkshakes

About Heaven’s

Heaven’s is a unique, family-run business open every day of the week to our wonderful customers. Each day we prepare our food using nothing but natural, homemade ingredients to create delicious waffles and crepes. If you fancy a more savoury option, we have a great selection of grilled paninis and toasted bagels. What’s more, to quench your thirst, we offer freshly brewed tea and coffee as well as cold beverages. Alternatively, you can create your own unique gelato milkshake with our diverse range of flavours.

If our excellent menus, mouth-watering food, and enticing drinks aren’t enough, don’t worry. At the rear of the shop, we have an arts and crafts area and a space designed specifically for parties and events. The imaginations of children are endless, and Heaven’s is a place where they can learn, develop, and enhance their skills in a warm, welcoming environment. The combination and diversity of what we offer makes us a unique place for everyone of all ages to come and eat, create, and have fun.

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